Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Next symposium: 23 - 24 February 2016

The availability of petroleum-based fuel is diminishing. The CO2
aspect is also demanding improvements to present-day drive systems
as well as the intensive investigation of alternatives. Solutions
involving hybrid and electric drive technologies and their efficient
energy management systems are of particular interest. In addition
to the technical concept, it is also necessary, in particular from the
aspect of consumer and ecological demands, to find suitable ways
of minimizing concept-related drawbacks and of optimizing the
benefits of the hybrid and electric drive system in terms of energy
consumption, emissions, power profile, efficiency, reliability, safety,
comfort and integration of the vehicle driver. This series of symposia
is intended to bring into focus and promote the development of
efficient vehicle drive systems based on the combined use of combustion
engines, electric drives, systems for storing and generating
electrical energy as well as the necessary torque and speed converters,
including open and closed-loop control electronics.