The next eCall Days will take place on

22 and 23 September 2016.

More information will follow soon.


The “eCall Days” is the largest conference on the pan-European eCall in Germany. It takes place in Berlin the sixth time and brings together all important stakeholders from the European Commission, politics and industry. The event gives a European-wide overview on the current status of the eCall deployment and implementation and visitors receive first-hand information from important stakeholders, addressing the eCall from different perspectives. Within the scope of an exhibition, visitors get the chance to see how an eCall car works and there will be an opportunity for networking.
The first day of the conference covers three main topics. First, political representatives from the European Commission and other stakeholders summarize the current status of the eCall implementation. In this context, the speakers point out the main results of the previous projects HeERO 1 and HeERO 2 and introduce the new project I_HeERO.  The second theme focuses on PSAPs and the necessary infrastructure in order to realize the pan-European eCall. In this regard, the required PSAP Conformity Assessment is discussed from a technical and legal perspective. Finally, this day covers perspectives from the automotive industry. A special focus here is the extension of the eCall to powered two-wheelers (P2W). After the lectures, the visitors have the opportunity to network and address questions during the evening reception.
The first part of the second day of the conference is characterized by taking a more future-oriented approach. Here, the speakers focus on possible effects of the eCall implementation on further applications. The main topics are third-party-services (TPS) as well as additional ITS-applications that can be exploited with the eCall-introduction. Moreover, possible business cases for the future are presented. During the second part of this day, technical requirements of PSAPs and possible solutions are addressed.
The event is complemented by a subsequent exhibition with an eCall car as well as simulation and testing equipment, IVS Hardware and other specific eCall solutions.


Berlin, 22.09.2016 - 23.09.2016

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